Social project in collaboration with ESDA (University of Design, Aragón) and the NGO Ayuda En Acción; Li.quid is a fashion capsule collection created for Hilvana, an enterpreneurship project developed for the empowerment of women in vulnerable situations through sewing and pattern-making professionalization.
Starting from a digital print created in collaboration with Hilvana  and Graphic Design students from ESDA, the collection was designed, produced and presented at Aragón Fashion Week 2019. The designs  were transferred to Hilvana through training workshops on garment production
Inspired by the multiculturalism and the liquid fusion of the stories of the women who are part of this project. The result is a genderless and size adaptable capsule collection created with deadstocks and upcycled materials reconstructed using different techniques like patchwork.
Li.quid is the joint of forces, voices, effort and enthusiasm of Hilvana.
creating a collective patchwork piece with Hilvana in CEIP Ramiro Solans , March 2019
Hilvana parade presented at ESDA , Aragón Fashion Week 2019

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