graduate fashion project, 2018
Conceiving ​​clothing as a way to explore identity, HANGAR starts from the idea that garments should not adhere to closed canons. It breaks with ​​the sizes and norms that try to fit the spectrum of diverse bodies into fixed patterns. Each garment is patterned and designed to fit each changing and unique body. Nor does understand gender stereotypes created; something with which we cover and create has to transcend binary categories, blurring the separation between masculine-feminine.
HANGAR is a space open to possibilities. Its garments have multiple positions and reversible pieces that start on one side with denim fabric as society’s uniform, and on the other composed with huge hand-painted canvases, which allow the person to camouflage themselves among the people, or show their being show their being by expressing through color.

HEMPEL AWARD, international fashion design contest - excellent award (Beijing)
CREAR, contest for Spanish young creative talents - second prize (Zaragoza)
Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week 2018 (Beijing, Hempel Award)
 Aragón Fashion Week 2018 (collective show)
080 Barcelona (Dystopias collective show)

EDITORIAL: Photography: Laura Divella / Models: Borja Romea, Yara Oliveira / MUAH: Mariona Botella / Assistants: Laura Nuñez, Alberto Martinez
FASHION FILM by Chill Turtle Productions
thanks to all the people who in one way or another were part of this project making it possible.

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